German command, control and observation armoured combat vehicles in WWII – part 1: tanks of German origin

This book is dedicated to the Befehlspanzer and to the Beobachtungspanzer, the command and observation tanks of the German Army in World War Two, from the very first, based on the Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A chassis, to the last, on the Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger Ausf.B chassis. It deals with the history, technical description, operational use, and organisation of these special vehicles, that allowed at first to launch the Blitzkrieg, providing a remarkable edge over the enemy, and then, in the second half of the War, allowed to carry out effective tactical operations until the very end. The book includes also information on special markings, serial numbers (when available), and data on the radio equipment. It offers also some 105 large colour profiles, produced by Jean Restayn, with extensive captions, and is completed by about 65 black and white historic photographs. A must for any enthusiast of the German military of the Second World War, and a unique reference for all the serious modellers.

English text, 297x210mm, 88 pages, 65 b/w photos, 105 colour profiles

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