“Ali Tricolori” – 248 pages, 560 colour photos, text in Italian and English

Taking the chance of the celebrations for the Italian Air Force Centenary, we introduce in 2023 this book of 248 pages that offers the readers all the units, components, and aspects of the Italian Air Force today. Through 14 chapters, including text and photos, we introduce in detail all the operational and support sectors of this air arm, from the Command and Control, to the Fighter, Reconnaissance, ISR, Transport, In-flight Refuelling, Special Operations, Schools, International Flight Training School, Air and Space Test Division, Frecce Tricolori, Maintenance and Logistic support, International Missions, Celebration of the Centenary, and the Future Programmes.

A large appendix includes the organization of the forces, the list of the units, and technical forms for each aircraft and helicopter in service.

A complete and updated work produced by Riccardo Niccoli, well-known and appreciated aviation journalist and photographer, who has been working with the ItAF for nearly 40 years, and author of the official ItAF book for the 75th Anniversary, published in 1998. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Italian Defence yearbook “Coccarde Tricolori”, and of the monographic series “Coccarde Tricolori Speciale”, which since 2003 are authoritative tools of information about the activities, the aircraft, and the history of the Italian Air Force.



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